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WWF Project - Adopt a Polar Bear
Way back in 2008 we ran several projects to raise awareness and funds for the WWF. I am delighted to announce that I am bringing this idea back and today marks the launch of a new project to adopt a polar bear:

Background Info:
Polar bears depend on Arctic ice to hunt and raise their young. While you may think the Arctic is largely unspoilt and untouched by humans, the reality is this is no longer the case. The threats to polar bears include

- Reducing sea ice caused by climate change
- Toxic chemicals and pollution in the marine environment. Toxic levels increase as they move up the food chain leading to health problems in polar bears
- Increased industrial activity in the Arctic including oil and gas exploration

With this project we are making a symbolic adoption of a polar bear. The WWF does not single out individual animals, or families, for adoption. The money donated is directed to field programs to support science, research, and animal study. The adoption is symbolic in the sense that many animals benefit from the one donation.

How to Take Part:
Simply post in the forums! At the time of writing there are 183,142 posts in the forums. When there are 1,000 more posts in the forums *excluding those made in Live Chain Games* GrandMatrix will pay for the adoption.

During this project posts made in the Live Chain Games forum will NOT be counted. It is quite easy to rack up a large number of posts in the chain games so this will be more of a challenge but is designed to encourage use of all the forums. So you could pose or solve puzzles and word games, post reviews and tips about games you have been playing or start a discussion in the chat forum.

With this adoption comes an adoption pack comprising of a cute plush polar bear, an adoption certificate and a photo. This whole pack will be posted to a chosen GM member who has made some quality posts around the forums during this campaign.

One note: Just remember in your enthusiasm to take part to please avoid making any junk, filler or off topic posts.
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GM Graduate
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Awesome Steve~!! Polar bears are amazing animals along w/the dolphins & white tigers
I support. Toxic waste is horrible along w/the climate changing on them. We need to help..No doubt~!!
" I used to think I was indecisive, but now I'm not too sure."
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good luck on reaching the mark !! hope you reach it !!
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i like the smiles
"Friends are like condoms; they protect you when things get hard!"
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Great Cause!
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All I can say I LOVE wild animals good luck.
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Good luck reaching your goal
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good luck in reaching your goal
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Hope you make it!
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