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  • Avalon Legends Solitaire by buffyh22
    I just downloaded the new game, Avalon Legends Solitaire, and before I knew it, the free, 60 minute trial had finished! What a lovely game! The graphics are bright and colourful and the background music is non-invasive and rather calming. The game-play is smooth, with a choice of cursor, sound and music volume settings, and wide screen..
  • Mythic Pearls: The Legend Of Tirnanog by mlschlu
    Match three or more same colored pearls to destroy them. One hundred and forty mythic levels. Left mouse click to shoot. Right mouse click to destroy the current pearl and swith to the next one. Some pearls have special abilities. With each match, you score points and the bar fills up. Once the bar is filled, no more pearls will roll in. ..
  • The Keepers: Lost Progeny by buffyh22
    I just finished The Keepers: Lost Progeny and I have to tell you that this game blew me away! I could not stop playing it! The story had me on my toes and I simply had to keep at it to find out what happened next! The town is dark and gloomy, the atmospheric music gives you goosebumps, and the gripping story is so diabolical that..
  • PH - Pure Hidden by crazymo
    Although this is another hidden object game which I presume you will have gathered by now that I like, you're not cleaning out attics, solving mysteries or breaking ancient curses, you're helping an ivy-like plant grow flowers and fruit by completing the various levels of the game. When you finish a level you get something like a toy car or a..
  • Thomas and the Magical Words by Steve
    I like games that offer the subtle blend of education with fun. That's why I decided to checkout Thomas and the Magical Words. Thomas is Viqua Games (called Viquasoft inside the game) first offering. It's offered through their website on the now standard free trial and retail key model. The game suffers from the common problem of..
  • Mah Jong Medley by buffyh22
    With over three hundred original and challenging tile layouts, four exciting modes of play, and four unique tile designs, just do the math! Over 2400 different mahjong games all in one very nice package! Choose your layout, from super easy to extremely challenging! Choose your tile set and start matching free tiles! Classic mode is of course..
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