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Strange Discoveries: Aurora Peak

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  • Emoti Match by Packy
    This game is awesome, fun but it really gives your eyes a workout. I love to see the many face of emotion and by the time that you get through a couple of levels, I think you feel a lot of them, lol. It is a very good game and it has enough of levels, characters, colors and bonuses that will keep you interested in it. Even though it does play..
  • Legacy Tales: Mercy of the Gallows by buffyh22
    A great addition to my ever-growing games library! This is the tale of Captain William's poor wife Isabelle, who seems to have faded away and disappeared mysteriously. While apparently the Captain fought many pirates over the years, his body is found washed up on shore, dressed as a pirate and sporting a hook where one of his hands had..
  • My Tribe by cynt80
    This is a really good game where you have a tribe of people to look after - taking them to new Islands and helping them learn skills to build a civilisation. The first thing to do is build huts for your people to go to sleep in and a science station to learn skills - once you have taught your tribe to gather wood and rocks for building you..
  • Jaspers Journey by buffyh22
    In Jaspers Journey, explore a fairytale land of monsters and magic! Help Jasper save his pet cat Orlando from becoming an ingredient in a nasty old witch's evil potion! When I downloaded this game and pressed start, I suddenly felt like I had gone through a time warp back to the 1980's. I was sitting cross-legged on the floor with my young son..
  • The Keepers: Lost Progeny by buffyh22
    I just finished The Keepers: Lost Progeny and I have to tell you that this game blew me away! I could not stop playing it! The story had me on my toes and I simply had to keep at it to find out what happened next! The town is dark and gloomy, the atmospheric music gives you goosebumps, and the gripping story is so diabolical that..
  • Battle Field 2 by Steve
    The setting for this game is present time with three different teams to choose from the Middle East Coalition, Chinese, and U.S. Marines. It costs around fifty dollars and takes a decent system to run it. I know what you're probably thinking if you ever played a first person shooter "Great, another running around aimlessly and shooting..
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