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Cadenza: Music, Betrayal and Death

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  • Wizard's Curse by buffyh22
    A wizard's curse is simply lovely to behold, with wonderful artwork and enchanting music! The narrative was superb and all the while I kept thinking I recognized the voice actor's work. The hidden object scenes were very well done with items quite cleverly disguised and challenging, although there was no interaction or tasks to complete before..
  • Atlantic Quest by buffyh22
    This online game is worth checking out! Unlock the mysteries of Atlantis while matching ancient runes. Gather the missing pieces of the artifacts as you rack up the points. Collect tools to help in your adventure and keep an eye on the time meter. If you like Match 3 type games, you'll enjoy this exciting version, with colorful graphics and..
  • Super Granny by crazymo
    Has anyone played the Super Granny series? I have Granny in Paradise and Super Granny 4 and they keep me very entertained when I can't get online. They are very simple platform games where Granny has lost her cats and she goes round collecting them and taking them home. As the levels progress, there are men and other 'beings' trying to stop her..
  • Super Text Twist by dan
    This is a good game to learn new words. Half of them I had never heard of so I could never complete a whole level. Not that it mattered, so long as you can guess the longest word you automatically go on to the next round. I do not think this was as good as some other word games I have tried but I did not try the timed version so maybe it would..
  • Classic Adventures: The Great Gatsby by buffyh22
    Incredible! Two popular game styles in one beautifully presented package! Hidden Objects and Words! I can die happy now! This twist on a HOG is brilliant, to say the least. I simply could not believe my 60-minute free trial was up so quickly. The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a modern classic, published in 1925 and set in..
  • Hidden in Time: Looking glass Lane by crazymo
    This is the sequel to Hidden in Time: Mirror altho I haven't played that one. You have discovered that your heirloom mirror holds another secret, a letter written by your great-great grandmother, and it seems to be written to you. Apparently your great-great grandmother, Emma, built a time machine and something went wrong of course. While trying..
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