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  • Mythic Pearls: The Legend Of Tirnanog by mlschlu
    Match three or more same colored pearls to destroy them. One hundred and forty mythic levels. Left mouse click to shoot. Right mouse click to destroy the current pearl and swith to the next one. Some pearls have special abilities. With each match, you score points and the bar fills up. Once the bar is filled, no more pearls will roll in. ..
  • Airport Mania - First Flight by cynt80
    I really loved this game! It starts off pretty easy but by the time you get half way through the second level you can begin to understand why planes are late so often!! The game takes you through the process of landing and unloading a plane - on to loading, refuelling and repairs. At the beginning of each level you have the option to..
  • Jaspers Journey by buffyh22
    In Jaspers Journey, explore a fairytale land of monsters and magic! Help Jasper save his pet cat Orlando from becoming an ingredient in a nasty old witch's evil potion! When I downloaded this game and pressed start, I suddenly felt like I had gone through a time warp back to the 1980's. I was sitting cross-legged on the floor with my young son..
  • Mountain Crime: Requital by buffyh22
    I found Mountain Crime: Requital to be a good, solid adventure HOG. When I completed the demo I couldn't click on BUY fast enough to find out which body would show up murdered next! The graphics are wonderful, the music suits the atmosphere and I found the gameplay flawless. The voice acting was okay too and I enjoyed choosing my answers to..
  • Acropolis by buffyh22
    Acropolis is by far the best word game I've played in a long time! The graphics are beautiful scenes of ancient Greek architecture, armour and weapons, and the background music is pleasant and relaxing. As you work your way through all the levels, you can earn trophies and gain experience to advance your standing in the community, from road..
  • Mind Snares: Alice's Journey by buffyh22
    Alice's Boss Blows Her Mind! After experiencing the opening scene, I had to step out for a moment and check to see if this game was a CE! The high quality visuals and voice acting caught my attention straight away and as the unique story line unfolded, I was hooked! Boy, I thought my boss was bad! (just joking, Boss, if you are reading..
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