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Dark Canvas: Blood and Stone

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  • Dream Chronicles 2 by crazymo
    Having played Dream Chronicles I with great difficulty I decided to try the 2nd version and found it very hard. I actually have the full version but have not got very far with it yet but am battling on. The Eternal Maze continues where the first game left off. You play Faye, a mortal woman whose fairy husband has been kidnapped and daughter..
  • Super Collapse 2 by Debra3131
    In this game you will have six puzzles per page to solve by collapsing each puzzle to clear the square. Should you do it in the right amount of moves you'll get a puzzle piece with a cap. More then the right moves you'll get a check mark. Finish the first five will unlock the sixth puzzle. You then have the chance to go back and play the ones..
  • Mah Jong Medley by buffyh22
    With over three hundred original and challenging tile layouts, four exciting modes of play, and four unique tile designs, just do the math! Over 2400 different mahjong games all in one very nice package! Choose your layout, from super easy to extremely challenging! Choose your tile set and start matching free tiles! Classic mode is of course..
  • Build a Lot 4 by Steve
    This is the 4th game in the Build a Lot series and the basic game play hasnít changed much from the previous versions, which means fans of the series will quickly fall into the game and first timers will quickly pick it up. The theme of the game is building management and by purchasing materials and training workers you aim to construct various..
  • Atlantic Quest by buffyh22
    This online game is worth checking out! Unlock the mysteries of Atlantis while matching ancient runes. Gather the missing pieces of the artifacts as you rack up the points. Collect tools to help in your adventure and keep an eye on the time meter. If you like Match 3 type games, you'll enjoy this exciting version, with colorful graphics and..
  • Doggy Dash! by softnsosilky49
    If your a fan of the Diner Dash series or any of the other management type skill games - You'll enjoy Doggie Dash. Fair warning though, be prepare to give your finger & arm a good workout. It's a fast-paced game, as it progresses! The challenge in Doggie Dash, is to help spa partners Scarlett & Walter get they're business up & running. As you..
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  • 3D Jet Pilot Flight
    Flight Simulation games will seem boring after you play 3D Jet Pilot Flight Simulator. Fly through cities at massive speeds as you enter the cockpit of a Fighter Jet plane, avoid obstacles, fly [more]
  • Pyramid Adventures
    In Pyramid Adventures you play the role of a heroic explorer who wants to find out the secret of the ancient Egyptian tombs. That is easier said than done as you will come across mummies who [more]
  • City Gunner
    Go on a City Gunner shooting rampage to save little boys from captivity! In this action packed game, you can play as a girl or boy, who’s mission is to kill the bad guys and save his friends [more]
  • The Black House
    This is a Funny Poloitical Game based on United States General Elections. You control American President Barack Obama. You play by first pointing the red arrow at the correct angle and when the [more]
  • Tahiti Hidden Pearls
    The legend of Papeeth’s pearls await! On your journey, you focus is to discover the pearls. Before you can continue forward, you’ll have the opportunity to play scavenger hunt to [more]
  • TU 95
    Flying a plane has never been easier…easier to access, that is! Prepare for the training of your life as you simulate, with your keyboard, the essence of flying a plane. Control your flaps [more]
  • Boat Rush
    Boat Rush is a Boat Driving Game in which you must guide your boat safely up the river. The screen is constanly moving upwards and you must keep up the pace, otherwise it’s game over. If [more]
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