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Riddles of Fate: Into Oblivion

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  • Chicken Invaders III - Christmas Edition by mlschlu
    The graphics are great in this game. It's a combination of Space Invaders, Astriod and Galaga. Great play! Can use the arrows or the mouse for movement. You also have the option of single fire or continuous firing. You can score more points by collecting the chicken legs, sandwiches, etc. from blowing up the chickens. But watch out for..
  • Pirate Poppers by mlschlu
    A fast paced chain popping game. Match three of more balls of the same color to make them expolode. Don't let the balls reach the end of the path! Seventeen different exciting levels and six different powerups. A choice of three game modes adventure, puzzle, or arcade. Move the cannon using your mouse. Left click to shoot and right click to..
  • Youda Sushi Chef by eriamax
    In Youda sushi chef you have six restuarants your trying to own. You have to serve sushi to customers, take incoming orders for delivery, and take reservations, and also order supplies. Sound easy?? Well it's not. I've been playing it on the easiest level and I've shut it down a few times after some frustrating moments. The thing that makes it..
  • Mind Snares: Alice's Journey by buffyh22
    Alice's Boss Blows Her Mind! After experiencing the opening scene, I had to step out for a moment and check to see if this game was a CE! The high quality visuals and voice acting caught my attention straight away and as the unique story line unfolded, I was hooked! Boy, I thought my boss was bad! (just joking, Boss, if you are reading..
  • Continental Cafe by crazymo
    Laura is an up and coming chef who dreams of a place of her own and one night she buys a lottery ticket and wins!!! Laura visits five countries looking for ideas for her restaurant: France, Italy, Greece, Ecuador and Thailand. The food is different in each country and each chef asks Laura to run errands for her in return for help. These..
  • Wizard's Curse by buffyh22
    A wizard's curse is simply lovely to behold, with wonderful artwork and enchanting music! The narrative was superb and all the while I kept thinking I recognized the voice actor's work. The hidden object scenes were very well done with items quite cleverly disguised and challenging, although there was no interaction or tasks to complete before..
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