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  • Atlantic Quest by buffyh22
    This online game is worth checking out! Unlock the mysteries of Atlantis while matching ancient runes. Gather the missing pieces of the artifacts as you rack up the points. Collect tools to help in your adventure and keep an eye on the time meter. If you like Match 3 type games, you'll enjoy this exciting version, with colorful graphics and..
  • Hidden Object - Crossword by crazymo
    Although this is a HOG (hidden object game) it is also a crossword. You have a crossword to solve but when you have solved the clue you then have to find the object on the page to fill the crossword. I have managed to solve all clues but some of the objects are difficult to find but there are hints and also a butterfly flies across the screen..
  • Mythic Pearls: The Legend Of Tirnanog by mlschlu
    Match three or more same colored pearls to destroy them. One hundred and forty mythic levels. Left mouse click to shoot. Right mouse click to destroy the current pearl and swith to the next one. Some pearls have special abilities. With each match, you score points and the bar fills up. Once the bar is filled, no more pearls will roll in. ..
  • Rotate Mania by butterflysecrets
    this game offers "strategy" or "arcade" games...i had no idea what it might have been about when i downloaded, but discovered that the game board consists of blocks with different colored triangles in each block...the object is to rotate the triangles within adjacent blocks in order to match and eliminate the colored triangles...there is a "hint"..
  • Magic Farm by lylied
    love this game it is addicting good graphics,nice story line,easy for people of all ages to understand, looking forward to playing the full versions and completing the quest. looked every where for the full version free and can't find one so that makes me believe that it is a very good game thanks for your time lylied;):D:D:D..
  • Build a Lot 4 by Steve
    This is the 4th game in the Build a Lot series and the basic game play hasnít changed much from the previous versions, which means fans of the series will quickly fall into the game and first timers will quickly pick it up. The theme of the game is building management and by purchasing materials and training workers you aim to construct various..
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