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  • Escape Rosecliff Island by buffyh22
    Escape Rosecliff Island is the best 'Hidden Object' game that I have ever played! It is hours of fun and very challenging without being too easy to solve, or so difficult that you are tearing your hair out and screaming with frustration. It also includes two unlockable bonus games to add more hours of puzzle-solving enjoyment! After playing a..
  • Super Granny by crazymo
    Has anyone played the Super Granny series? I have Granny in Paradise and Super Granny 4 and they keep me very entertained when I can't get online. They are very simple platform games where Granny has lost her cats and she goes round collecting them and taking them home. As the levels progress, there are men and other 'beings' trying to stop her..
  • Battle Field 2 by Steve
    The setting for this game is present time with three different teams to choose from the Middle East Coalition, Chinese, and U.S. Marines. It costs around fifty dollars and takes a decent system to run it. I know what you're probably thinking if you ever played a first person shooter "Great, another running around aimlessly and shooting..
  • Jaspers Journey by buffyh22
    In Jaspers Journey, explore a fairytale land of monsters and magic! Help Jasper save his pet cat Orlando from becoming an ingredient in a nasty old witch's evil potion! When I downloaded this game and pressed start, I suddenly felt like I had gone through a time warp back to the 1980's. I was sitting cross-legged on the floor with my young son..
  • Ballistik by Debra3131
    This is a break out game with several levels to complete. It's no ordinary break out game as it is 3-D. One level I like to play is when there are metal walls I must get around to hit the blocks or the level where the blocks are invisible. There a several changes that can be made to your ball as well as your paddle if your lucky and fast..
  • Bubble Shooter Premium Edition by buffyh22
    Bubble Shooter Premium Edition is great fun for the whole family! If you've ever played a bubble-popping game, this one is bubble-bursting at it's best! Choose either Single Player Mode or Multi-Player Mode, where you compete against opponents on-line. You can also choose your bubbles including Gems, Underwater or Classic! Your goal is..
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