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  • FlipWords 2 by butterflysecrets
    Vividly bright graphics take up the full screen (and it's a BIG screen for my mac!). Interesting facet is that there is an option to choose to allow continual downloading of new phrases to solve from the internet. The basic object of the game is to solve the phrase that is presented at the top of each game board by way of making words out of..
  • Timeless: The Lost Castle by buffyh22
    I am enjoying "Timeless: The Lost Castle" very much, and purchased the game after 40 minutes of the Demo. While there are no voice-overs, collectables, morphing items or a map, factors that some players insist make a game a "winner", for a Standard Edition game, it has a lot to offer! The graphics are beautiful and nicely detailed, the music..
  • Plants vs. Zombies by Steve
    Plants vs Zombies is a popular game in the downloads section that was released just a couple of weeks ago. It was developed by a company called Pop Cap who are well known for making decent games. You are faced with a mob of zombies trying to invade your home and your only..
  • PH - Pure Hidden by crazymo
    Although this is another hidden object game which I presume you will have gathered by now that I like, you're not cleaning out attics, solving mysteries or breaking ancient curses, you're helping an ivy-like plant grow flowers and fruit by completing the various levels of the game. When you finish a level you get something like a toy car or a..
  • Elf Bowling 7 1/7: The Last Insult by mlschlu
    This is just a wonderful game! You can customize your character and bowling ball. There is multiplayer, story mode, single player or vs computer mode to play in. You also have three different lane selections toy factory, iceberg, or Dingle's yacht. The elves (your bowling pins) are quite comical! And they use dirty tricks to miss them. But..
  • Lost Tales: Forgotten Souls by buffyh22
    Lost Tales : Forgotten Souls seems at first glance to be just an average, run-of-the-mill Standard Edition HOPA game with an old story-line. After about 30 minutes of the Demo, I took a break for breakfast, but kept thinking about this game. When I got back into it, I turned up the music and started paying more attention to details. The music..
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