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  • Kindergarten Kindergarten
    You may have cared for a baby once or twice in your life, but can you run an entire daycare? Try it in this adorable time management game.
    Size: 15.55 MB      Released: 01/20/11
  • King's Legacy King's Legacy
    Build your medieval kingdom and protect your people, explore, trade, gather resources, learn magic and spells in King's Legacy!
    Size: 201.4 MB      Released: 06/28/10
  • King's Smith King's Smith
    Follow in your grandfather's steps and learn the art of blacksmithing! Work your way to the top and become the King's Smith!
    Size: 45.21 MB      Released: 11/01/10
  • King's Smith 2 King's Smith 2
    Anya was the King's Smith until a sudden betrayal changed everything! Help Anya discover the traitor and save the kingdom!
    Size: 112.9 MB      Released: 11/26/10