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SKIP-BO Castaway Caper
If you've ever played the card game SKIP-BO you will love this game! If you've never played it before, there is a tutorial at the beginning to teach you how to play, and then you will love this game!
You find yourself cast ashore on a deserted island, you think...but then you find out that it is inhabited by natives who love to play SKIP-BO. The island also has an angry, active volcano that must be appeased. In order to keep the natives happy and the volcano calm, you must meet a series of SKIP-BO challenges.
After winning a challenge match, the natives bring you gifts and the volcano settles down. Special bonus mini games are extra fun!
I was so involved in this game then, all of a sudden, it stopped! My 60-minute free trial was finished! I could hardly believe I had been playing that long, I was having so much fun!
I highly recommend this game to card players everywhere and it's suitable for the entire family!
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i love skip-bo...i'll have to see if this is one of the games that i can open on my mac...for an hour to pass quickly, the game must really be a lot of fun...thanks, buffy
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