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Project Natal for XBox 360
In case you have been spending too much time in the arcade and not keeping up with current gaming news, here are the details about a new hardware package that is currently being developed by Microsoft for the XBox 360, which will not only compete with the Wii but also go far beyond the Wii's current capabilities.

The hardware, which is being referred to as "Project Natal", uses a series of cameras, motion and sound sensors to translate your body motion into on-screen play. The system will read three-dimensional motion allowing for full translation of your movements. It will even include facial recognition software allowing for user sign-in by simply standing and having your face "read". Play games by simply moving your body without any controller whatsoever.

Microsoft plans to integrate the new body-motion hardware into the Xbox 360, so they won't have to launch an entirely new system. Pricing and availability have not yet been specified and it's also unclear whether Project Natal hardware will be available as an add-on so that users can purchase the system to add to the Xbox 360 they already own, or if it will require purchase of a next generation 360 console. Microsoft is in the process of shipping development kits out to third party game companies to begin development of compatible games.

Check out the promo video below, which will give you a better idea of the gaming experience that Natal promises:

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Whoa! This is the first I've heard of this! Amazing! Kinda freaky...but amazing! Science fiction certainly is becoming science fact!
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OMG I want one! Can you imagine all the possibilities!!???
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My boys already play their Xbox 360 using the Kinect I've tried it on the dance game it's really pretty cool to see urself moving. I can't even imagine 3D added. This is the 2012 no telling what we will see. Btw guess they took the video off u can no longer view it.
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Yea, this video is nearly 3 years old now. Project Natal when it was launched was under the name Kinect. But I think it still has more development and potential to go and who knows what kind of gaming experience we will have in 3 years time. 3D will likely feature in there.
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both my boys ended up selling their Xbox 360 and bought a Wii instead but neither have used it much since they bought it but the younger generation still seem to like it particularly the dance one (Michael Jackson moves)
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