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Few centuries ago, a Law teacher came across a student who was willing *to learn but was unable to pay the fee. The student struck a deal *saying, "I would pay your fee the day I win my first case in the *court". Teacher agreed and proceeded with the law course.

When the course was finished and teacher started pestering the student *to pay up the fee, student reminded the deal and pushed days. Fed up *with this, the teacher decided to sue the student in the court of law *and both of them decided to argue for themselves.

The teacher put forward his argument saying: "If I win this case, as *per the court of law, student has to pay me. And if I lose the case, *student will still pay me because he would have won his first case. So *either way I will have to get the money".

Equally brilliant student argued back saying: "If I win the case, as *per the court of law, I don't have to pay anything to the teacher. And *if I lose the case, I don't have to pay him because I haven't won my *first case yet. So either way, I am not going to pay the teacher *anything".

This is one of the greatest paradoxes ever recorded in history
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