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  • Title: A - ZZ - A   Release Date: New - OldOld - New   
  • Art Stories Art Stories
    Have some Match 3 fun as you play through tons of adventures in Art Stories! Earn lots of points and use awesome bonuses!
    Size: 254.8 MB      Released: 05/18/10
  • Cursed House Cursed House
    Banish the evil spirits from the house that is cursed and possessed by ancient evil creatures! Save the Cursed House!
    Size: 50.72 MB      Released: 11/01/10
  • BumbleBee Jewel BumbleBee Jewel
    Help Benny and his friends as they search for the lost colors of their magical island! Break a spell and save the islanders!
    Size: 73.42 MB      Released: 07/13/10
  • Atlantic Quest Atlantic Quest
    Save the fishes in this Match 3 game! Help four friends explore the ocean floor! Stop a leaking oil tanker before it's too late!
    Size: 47.71 MB      Released: 03/10/11
  • The Great Pharaoh The Great Pharaoh
    Restore the temples of the City of the Dead, meet mummies, and get the gold in The Great Pharoah, a fun and exciting Match 3 game!
    Size: 38.94 MB      Released: 08/10/10
  • Jewel Keepers Jewel Keepers
    Welcome to Jewel Keepers: Easter Island, a gripping Match 3 game! Uncover the mysteries of the legendary Easter Island!
    Size: 39.52 MB      Released: 02/02/11